Educational Links for Kids


      Activity TV
      Art Junction
      Art Safari
      Aunt Annie's Crafts
      Cistine Chapel Virtual Tour
      Crafts for Kids
      Crayola Kids
      Global Children's Art Gallery
      Hands On Crafts for Kids
      Haring Kids Interactive
      I Am An Artist
      Joseph Wu's Origami Page
      Leonardo da Vinci
      Mr. Picassohead
      Museum of Web Art - Kids Wing
      Neave Imagination
      NGA Kids
          - 3D Twirler
          - Pixelface
      Online Sketch Pad
      Pigments through the Ages
      Sketch Pad

      Aesop's Fables Animated
      BBC World News for Children
      The Berenstain Bears
      Children's Storybooks Online
      Elements of a Story
      Fantastic Fiction
      Fís Book Club
      Flip Book (at Read Write Think)
      Folk Legends of Japan
      Giggle Poetry
      Grammar Ninja
      Infant Explorer
      Instant Poetry Forms
      Interactive Wordplays
      International Children's Digital Library
      Kids Audio Books
      Kids Spell
      Learning Chocolate Vocabulary Games
      Little Explorers Dictionary
      Loud Lit
      Micrositas Virtual Picturebooks
      Millennium Mystery Madness
      Roy The Zebra
      Salariya Web Books
      Save The Words
      Scholastic Harry Potter Site
      Shape Poems (at Read Write Think)
      Spelling City
      Spelling Match Game
      Storybook Web
      Story Creator (at Myths & Legends)
      Story Starters
      Times Spelling Bee
      Today's Front Pages
      Tumble Books
      Vocabulary Building
      Wacky Web Tales
      World Ahead (Vocabulary Videos)
      Word Central
      World Tales
      Cú Chulainn
      Digital Dialects
      Aneki World Statistics
      Áras an Uachtaráin
      Áras Kids
      Arounder (panoramas)
      Ask About Ireland
      Atlas of Our Changing Environment
      C.I.A. World Factbook
      Clean Air Kids
      Climate Change Kids Site
      Country At A Glance
      Country Reports
      Discovering Antarctica
      Earth From Space
      Earthquakes For Kids (USGS)
      Earth Viewer
      Encyclopaedia of the Atmospheric
      Environmental Facts
      Explore The Cycle
      Flags of Ireland
      Flags of the World
      Forces of Nature
      From Skerrydoo to Carrickfadda
      Fun With Clouds
      Global Warming Early Warning Signs
      Global Warming: Will It Affect You?
      Great Buildings On Line
      Google Maps
      Halo-Halo to Mooncake
      Hurricane Animations
      If It Was My Home (BP Oil Disaster)
      Interactive Rock Cycle
      Ireland Jigsaw
      Kids' Planet
      The Living Edens
      Mapping Our World
      Mr Dowling's Electronic Passport
      National Geographic Earthpulse
      National Geographic Jigsaws
      The New 7 Wonders
      Nova Pyramids
      Ocean Studies Games Arcade
      On The Line
      Owl & Mouse - Geography Games
      The Paris Pages
      The Places We Live (Slums of the World)
      Planet Diary
      Printable Paintable World Map
      Recycle City
      Recycling with Recyclops
      Scribble Maps
      Show World
      Stop Disasters
      Treasures of the World
      Tunnel To The Other Side Of The Earth
      Volcano World
      We Are Multicolored
      What's it like where you live?
      Where is that?
      World Almanac for Kids
      World Flags Database
      World Heritage Tour
      Body and Mind
      Colgate Kids World
      Cool Food Kidz
      The Food Time Line
      Nutrition Sleuth
      Sugar Stacks
      3M Roadwise
      Watch Your Space
      Ancient China
      Ancient Egypt
      Ancient Greece
      Ancient Greeks (for Primary School)
      Ancient India
      Ancient Mexico
      The Ancient Olympics
      Ancient Web
      Animals Myths & Legends
      Anne Frank Online
      Castles on the Web
      Coalmining in Castlecomer
      Columbus Navigation
      Clues to the Past
      Conflict History (Timeline)
      Encyclopaedia Mythica
      Eternal Egypt
      Eyewitness to History
      History of Ireland Timeline
      History Of The World (British Museum/BBC)
      Hyper History Online
      In Search of Ancient Ireland
      Investigating Norman Castles
      Ireland 100 Years Ago
      Ireland's History in Maps
      Ireland's Last Nomadic People
      Irish Potato Famine
      Life on the Nile
      Living In Ireland In My Grandfather's Time
      Making A Mummy
      The Map As History (Animated History Maps)
      Medieval Castles
      Monastic Ireland
      Mummies of Ancient Egypt
      Museum Box
      Myths and Legends
      Mythweb - Greek Mythology
      1916 Rising - Personalities and Perspectives
      Odyssey Online: Greece
      OLd Magazine Articles
      On Board The Titanic
      On This Day (BBC)
      On This Day (NY Times)
      On This Day - Beyond The Headlines
      Pirates Theme Page
      The Romans
      The Romans (for Primary School)
      Scoilnet Look At History
      Stone Pages
      Technology Timeline (USA)
      Titanic Newspaper Archive
      Tomb of Perneb (Ancient Egypt)
      Treasures of Ancient Egypt
      Turning the Pages
      Views of the Famine
      Viking Network Ireland
      Vintage Ad Browser
      Voyage of Exploration
      Way Back
      World War 2 People's War
      World War 2 Timeline
      Worst Jobs in History
      Zoom Explorers
    Infant Activities
      ABC Ya - Elementary Computer Games
      Fun with Spot
      The Hoobs
      Kidspsych Interactive Games
      Kindersite Children's Activities
      Learning Planet
      Lionel's Talking Gizmo
      PBS Kids Games
      Play Kids Games
      Sesame Street Central

      A+  Math Games
      Banana Hunt
      Bang On Time
      Billy Bug
      Billy Bug 2
      Brain Boosters
      Button Beach Challenge
      Chart Go
      Count On
      Cloud Click
      Create A Graph
      Decifractator (Fractions to Decimals)
      Figure This!
      Fresh Baked Fractions
      Ghostblasters 2
      Ghostblasters Even
      Ghostblasters Odd
      Give a Dog a Bone
      Help With Fractions
      Hooda Math Games
      Integer Tilt
      Interactivate: Assessment Games
      Math Advantage
      Math Cats
      Math Magician
      Math Playground
      Maths Dictionary for Kids
      Primary Games (Software Samples)
      Problem Solving Brain Teasers
      Puzzle Playground
      Rainforest Maths
      Stop the Clock
      Sum Sense - Addition
      Sum Sense - Division
      Sum Sense - Multiplication
      Sum Sense - Subtracion
      That Quiz - Maths Test Activities
      Times Tables (at BBC)
      Ceol Sa Rang
      Children's Music Web
      Energy in the Air
      Instrument Encyclopaedia
      Instruments of the Orchestra
      Mojo's Musical Mouseum
      Monkey Machine (Online Drum Machine)
      Musical Dictionary
      Ricci Adams' Music Theory
      San Fransisco Symphony Kids
      Short Classic Songs (at Mighty Book)
      Sing-Along Songs
      The Virtual Piano
      Wild Music
      Wolfram Tones

      All About Frogs
      Animal Facts
      Badger Pages
      Bats 4 Kids
      BirdWatch Ireland
      Breeds of Dogs
      Butterflies of Ireland
      The Cheetah Spot
      The Electronic Zoo
      Elephant Information Repository
      Endangered Specie
      Equine Heroes
      ES2000 (Endangered Species)
      5 Tigers
      Foxwatch Ireland
      The Froggy Page
      Froguts (Dissection Demo)
      The Horse
      Horse Breeds
      Irish Animals on the Web
      Irish Birds (at Edmund Rice School Tramore)
      Know Your Garden Bird Song
      Make And Do Nature Projects
      Mooney Goes Wild
          - Nestwatch 2010
      National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles
      National Geographic Kids
      National Geographic Online
      PestWorld for Kids
      Planetpals Earthzone
      Poisonous Plants & Animals
      Pollen Park
      Protective Colouration Game
      Secrets of the Ocean Realm
      Sheep 101
      Something Fishy
      The Spider Myths Site
      Spring Alive
      Switcheroo Zoo
      What Tree Is It?
      The Wild Ones
      WWF Global Network
      Yuckiest Site on the Internet
      Zoom Dinosaurs

      Children's Folk Games
      Cúl 4 Kidz - Kids GAA Site
      Games Kids Play
      Hopscotch 101
      Hurling Skills
      Akvo - Water Projects
      Bible Server
      The Birth of Jesus
      Christmas Theme Page (at Scoilnet)
      The Easter Story
      The Kids Hall of Fame
      Lent FAQ
      Martin Luther King Jr.
      The Positive Press
      Religion Facts
      Sacred Texts Online Gallery
      Saints & Angels Online
      St. Nicholas
      The Story of Moses
      The Story of The Buddha
      Trócaire Kids Zone
      Values: Making Choices for Life
      Amazing Human Body
      ARM Study Hall
      Around the Galaxy with Peter and Paul
      BBC Science Clips
      Braille Bug
      Colour Illusions
      Electrical Safety World
          - Find The Hidden Dangers
          - Make The Safe Choice
      Energy Hog
      The experiMENTALS
          - Online Science Activities
      Greenzone (at Airtricity)
      How Everday Things Are Made
      Invention Dimension
      Leonardo: The Codex Leicester
      Listen: Making Sennse of Sound
      Me And My Body
      Microbe Magic
      Microbe World
      NASA Kids
      Neuroscience for Kids
      Optical Illusions & Visual
      Power Discovery Zone
      Planet Aqua
      Primary Science Ireland
      Propelled by Pedals
      Seeing is Believing
      The Senses
      Skytopia - Dynamic Optical Illusions
      Smart Spark's Multi-Challenges
      The Space Place
      Stop the Guzzler
      Strange Matter
      Thunk.Com - Secret Codes
      Try Science
      Wind with Miller
      Windows to the Universe

      Bob The Builder's Birthday Cake
      Dotty Boo and Stinky Wood
      Monster Shopping Trip

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