Important Reminders



    School/Home Communication

    We welcome all parents who wish to discuss their children’s progress.  Please ring the school secretary, Mary, to make an appointment.  We encourage use of the school diary for minor communications, including absences.  We remind parents that the Education Welfare Act requires that if your child/children are absent from school you must notify the school in writing of the reason for absence when they return to school.  All absences exceeding 20 school days in one year must be notified to the Education Welfare Board by the Principal.


    Reminder : School Hours

    Shountrade National School opens to receive pupils at 8:50am.  No responsibility will be taken for pupils who enter school premises prior to this time each morning. 

    Classes begin at 9:00am.  Classes end for infants at 1:40pm and for all other classes at 2:40pm.  Pupils should be collected promptly at the official school closing time.  No responsibility is taken by the school authorities for pupils who remain on school premises awaiting collection for whatever reason.

    Only those pupils who take part in after school activities, i.e. Speech & Drama, sport, can remain on school premises.  Siblings must go home at the normal time.

     Please be aware of the collection times for these activities also.


    School Uniform

    It is school policy that all pupils wear their uniform or full tracksuit, including white polo shirt on appointed days.  Parents are urged to insist that their child/children comply with these regulations.      TRACK SUIT DAY   -   THUR & FRI


    Please, please check that your child’s clothing, including jumpers, cardigans, coats and items of sports gear are clearly marked with child’s name.  No responsibility will be taken by the school for unmarked items of clothing that are misplaced.  Please remember to label all uniforms with child’s name.

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